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Neil, thank you very much for the Cerec work you did for me. I am very happy with the result. My mouth feels like new.

5 out of 5.

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I am so sad to be leaving New Zealand I wish I could take this practice with me.

5 out of 5.

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I would like to say thanks to Fiona and Julie, they do look after me very well and that makes me happy.

5 out of 5.

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When I came home from work the other day, my daughter told me she had called our office to make an appointment for herself, she said she had never had such a wonderful experience on the phone with any receptionist in her life, Teds was so helpful and polite. I know that my daughter will never be able to tell you herself but I wanted to let you know. Thank you.

5 out of 5.

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After being in the UK now for 6 months I went for my dental check up yesterday and I thought Miriam might like to know that the Dentist said I had the best Cerec work he’d ever seen. It

5 out of 5.