Amalgam Replacement

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Mercury/Silver Amalgam fillings have been placed in teeth for over a hundred years. The mixture of metals oxidize over time and can stain healthy tooth structure a grey to black colour. Our teeth also become more translucent with age and can allow a dark Amalgam filling to shine through a tooth.

These are issues that can create a smile that shows dark grey teeth especially on the sides. With safe Amalgam removal and replacement with new white filling materials these teeth can be brought back to beautiful whiteness.

Safe Removal

At St Heliers Dental Centre we pursue the safe removal of amalgam fillings for the protection from exposure to Mercury of our patients and ourselves. The measures we employ include:

  • The use of rubber dams to prevent any particles of old fillings falling into the mouth and allowing removal of Mercury vapour
  • High powered suction to help remove all Amalgam debris and vapour from the turbine handpiece
  • A separate air supply is available for patientsadministered
  • In conjunction with Medical Practitioners a Mercury/heavy metal chelating programme can be undertaken to detoxify the body
  • Intravenous vitamin C solution can be administered during treatment
  • The quadrant approach to Amalgam removal can be followed with the worst quadrants replaced in sequence with specific timing of the appointments to promote health


Many patients report feeling fantastic after Amalgam removal, but usually the benefits are felt several months later.

Replacement Materials

Materials used to replace Amalgam fillings are numerous. The choices include many materials which are biocompatible and long lasting. We pride ourselves on the safe removal of all filling materials and discussing all options for their replacement. Tooth specific and appropriate materials will always be recommended and a full written treatment plan, including costs, presented to any patient requiring treatment.

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How much do amalgam fillings cost to replace?

Composite fillings range from $230 - $650.