Analyse Your Smile

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Your mouth is one of the focal points of your face, and the appearance of your smile plays a major role in how you perceive yourself, as well as in the impressions you make on the people around you.

If you feel good about your smile, you are much more likely to flash it at others in a pleasing and disarming manner. A charming smile can open doors and break down barriers that stand between you and a fuller, richer life.

If you’re not completely happy with your smile, perhaps it’s time to get a new one! The following self-analysis will help you make that decision.

If you could alter your smile, what would you most like to change?

  1. Are your two upper front teeth too long or too wide?
  2. Do you have a space between your front teeth?
  3. Are the surfaces of your teeth rough and worn?
  4. Are the edges of your teeth worn flat, giving you an 'older' smile ?
  5. If your front teeth contain tooth-coloured fillings, do they match the shade of your teeth?
  6. In a full smile, the back teeth normally show. Are your back teeth free of stains and discolorations from unsightly restorations?
  7. Do your front teeth protrude, stick out or overlap?
  8. When you smile broadly, are your teeth all one color and are they white enough ?
  9. Are your lower six front teeth straight and even in appearance?
  10. When you smile broadly, does your top lip rise above the necks of your teeth so that your gums show?
  11. Do your restorations—fillings, laminates and crowns—look natural?
  12. Are your gums pink and ‘knife-edged,” or are they red and swollen?

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