Dental Bridges

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Missing teeth can create a number of problems - not only that of the aesthetic kind - but also in its function, making it difficult to chew food and sometimes speak.

It may also make it harder to maintain healthy gums and cause the teeth around the gap to shift.

If you have missing teeth you can breathe out a sigh of relief, with dental bridges able to provide a solution - 'bridging' the space where a tooth or multiple teeth have gone missing.

There are several types of dental bridges that can be used, depending on your situation.

Fixed bridge

This is the most common type of bridge that is comprised of two crowns and a false tooth or teeth.

The abutment teeth are specially prepared and shaped to receive the crowns, with the pontic(s) fused between the two crowns and the crowns placed on either side of a dental gap over supporting teeth.

Bonded Bridge

The bonded bridge doesn't use crowns but is instead designed to have 'wings' on either side of the pontic - bonded directly to the supporting teeth.

Cantilever Bridge

If abutment teeth aren't present on both sides of the dental gap, then a cantilever bridge may be the solution.

This involves the abutment crowns being placed next to each other with the pontic placed on the end.

How much do Dental Bridges Cost?

Prices range from $1,740 - $6,808.