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Invisalign deals in Auckland – Free consultation and $1,000 off Invisalign treatment cost

At St Heliers Dental Centre, we're currently offering two discounts on the standard Invisalign price for all patients interested in teeth straightening with Invisalign clear aligners. This special offer includes:

  • Free initial consultation with one of our experienced Auckland based dentists to discuss your suitability for Invisalign treatment
  • $1,000 off Invisalign cost. Terms and conditions apply, contact us for details.
  • Free teeth whitening while in treatment. Terms and conditions apply, contact us for details.
  • Best Price Guarantee. Need a second opinion? Bring in a valid treatment estimate for Invisalign cost in Auckland at your consultation appointment and we will better that price, guaranteed.

Contact our team today to redeem either offer and find out more about our Auckland based Invisalign treatment below.

What is the cost of Invisalign in NZ? 

Read our FAQs below to find out Invsalign costs.

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What are Invisalign clear aligners?

Invisalign treatment is a popular alternative to traditional braces for straightening teeth and correcting other orthodontic problems more discreetly.

Made from transparent plastic, the clear aligners are virtually invisible in the mouth. They can also be removed when you need to eat and brush your teeth, making them more convenient and less prone to irritation.

St Heliers Dental Centre is a leading provider of Invisalign in Auckland. To book a consultation with our experienced dentists, call us today or book an appointment online.

Who is suitable for our Auckland based Invisalign treatment?

If your teeth are crooked or out of alignment, straightening your teeth could improve how your smile looks, make it easier to eat and speak and lower your oral health risks.

If you want to straighten your smile, but the thought of metal brackets and wires is putting you off traditional orthodontic treatment, you may be a candidate for an Invisalign treatment at our Auckland based clinic.

Most mild to moderate orthodontic issues can be effectively treated with Invisalign clear aligners. If your condition is not suitable for Invisalign, braces made from tooth-coloured ceramic rather than metal brackets could be an alternative.

We'll let you know if you're a candidate for Invisalign treatment during your initial consultation and orthodontic assessment.

How does Invisalign work?

Our Invisalign treatment based at our St Heliers, Auckland clinic uses a series of custom-fitted clear and removable aligners that are worn over the teeth. These are designed to apply gentle pressure to teeth to gradually move them into their desired position.

During your free consultation at our clinic, our dentists will explain what the Invisalign treatment involves and determine whether it's an option for you. If you decide to proceed, we'll take digital impressions of your mouth that are used to design your custom series of clear aligners.

Each set of Invisalign clear aligners should be worn for several weeks before being replaced with the next set. We'll arrange regular appointments to check your progress and provide new sets as needed.

For the best results, you should wear your aligners for at least 22 hours every day, only taking them out when needed for eating, brushing and flossing so they can work at straightening your teeth.

Watch this video with Auckland Invisalign provider Dr Neil Dewar to find out more about how the process works.

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Invisalign FAQ

There is no standard Invisalign price in NZ. Invisalign costs vary from person to person, depending on the type of treatment and how many sets of clear aligners you need.

We can give you an estimate of the cost during your initial consultation and assessment and a full quote for Invisalign cost once we have completed your treatment plan. However we have included an Invisalign Cost guide below to give you a price indication.

Invisalign Cost Guide

Assessment $657
Treatment $6,000 - $9,000 depending on the requirements of the individual
Retention $447

Compared to Invisalign, braces are usually a cheaper option for straightening your teeth, though this can vary. You should consider the pros and cons of both treatments and not base your decision on price alone.

You could save on the standard Invisalign cost by checking our current offers.

The cost of Invisalign in New Zealand can be more expensive than other orthodontic treatments, but for many people, the improved comfort, lifestyle benefits and more reliable outcome are worth the extra cost. An Invisalign treatment can be even more cost-effective if you qualify for our special offers.

All orthodontic treatment involves some minor discomfort, as force is applied to gradually move your teeth towards their desired position, but Invisalign clear aligners are more comfortable than braces. This is because the SmartTrack aligner material maintains a constant force with less pressure.

Invisalign aligners also don't irritate the lips and cheeks like metal brackets often can.

An Invisalign treatment in Auckland takes around 12 to 18 months on average, but this depends on the individual. Minor teeth straightening may take as little as 6 months, while a more complex issue can take longer.

We'll discuss your ideal treatment timeline after your orthodontic assessment and use this to plan out your series of clear aligners.

Our Auckland based dentists recommend Invisalign treatment for patients with mild to moderate orthodontic issues who want a more discreet and convenient alternative to traditional braces.

For more complex orthodontic needs, we may recommend 'invisible' braces. Made from tooth-coloured ceramic, these are less noticeable in the mouth than metal braces.

Book a consultation for Auckland Invisalign treatment

If you're interested in teeth straightening with Invisalign in Auckland, call our team at St Heliers Dental Centre on (09) 575 5814 or book an appointment online. We'll explain all the options for Invisalign, braces and other orthodontic options so you can decide what's best for you.

Our dentists based in St Heliers can also help if you need Invisalign in Kohimarama, Glendowie, Glen Innes or other nearby suburbs.

Terms and conditions for our Invisalign deals

  • Treatment plans differ from one individual to another, therefore the Invisalign cost in Auckland will differ from person to person.
  • An estimate of the Invisalign cost can be given at the initial consultation and assessment appointment. However, an accurate Invisalign price can only be determined after impressions, x-ray and study models have been made.
  • The discount Invisalign Auckland price of $1000 only applies to Invisalign® Comprehensive Package and Invisalign® Moderate Package.
  • Teeth whitening is only suitable for patients ages 18 years and over. Teeth will be assessed for their suitability for whitening treatment.