Teeth Whitening St Heliers, Kohimarama, Glen Inne, Auckland
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Teeth Whitening

St Heliers Dental Centre prides itself on delivering
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of the whole family.

Teeth discolouration can be affected by many factors overtime; this can include your eating habits such as from drinking coffee or red wine or even lifestyle factors such as smoking. These habits may stain and discolour your teeth overtime even with regular brushing and flossing.

At St Heliers Dental Centre we assist patients in gaining back their natural, radiant smile and ensuring optimum results with our latest technology range of whitening options and take home whitening packages.

To be on your way to gaining back that natural pearly smile contact one of our friendly staff members today to see the options available for you.

Enhance the look of your smile with Teeth Whitening!

BriteSmile Professional Teeth Whitening System

At St. Heliers Dental Centre, we recommend the BriteSmile Professional Teeth Whitening System for whitening your teeth.

BriteSmile has a single purpose: brightening lives by brightening smiles. BriteSmile pioneered today's teeth whitening practices by spearheading a breakthrough patented blue-light technology called The BriteSmile Whitening System.

This state-of-the-art Whitening System is quick, effective and gently delivers a naturally brilliant smile. Consider this, in as little as 21/2 hours, a professional BriteSmile Teeth Whitening experience can yield a brilliant & healthy smile that will last for years. Now that is a breakthrough!